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Membership Tracker

Keeping track of tour members, subscribers and associates has never been easier

Membership Tracker is specially designed to allow secretaries and organisers to keep track of their members, subscribers and associates. It is organised to allow you get up and running 'out of the box' and has been specially developed for those who are NOT IT experts - if you can find your way around any Windows word processor or spreadsheet then Membership Tracker will not be difficult to understand.

The software is packed full of features to make your life easier. The comprehensive database allows you to store as much data as you need on each member. There is integrated word processing - sending correspondence to members could not be easier. The in-built reporting allows you to quickly analyse your data and the integral diary ensures that key dates are never missed again. And you can use the imaging tool included to design and produce professional membership badges (camera or scanner required).

Membership Tracker comes with a comprehensive user help and Getting Started Guide. The unique combination of ease of use, powerful functionality and exceptional value for money make Membership Tracker a solution no club or association should be without.

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