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At Tensak Limited, we offer a wide range of Information Technology services. This is in addition to various products we market and support.

Major services we offer are as follows:

  • Temenos Globus/T24 Banking Software consultancy

    Temenos Globus/T24 Banking Software is a universally accepted and widely adopted banking software. It is currently being used in major banks across the globe, especially in the U.K and Europe.

    Unparalled consultancy and support services is being provided at Tensak on Temenos Globus/T24 Banking Software. The CEO of Tensak Limited is a distinguished expert on the Temenos Globus/T24 Banking Software, and at present, he consults for several banks in the U.K and South Africa.

  • Vizual Business Tools

    Tensak Limited is in collaboration with Vizual Business Tools (VBT), a leading software company in the U.K. VBT provides the most innovative range of people management software available today.

    Currently, Tensak Limited is supporting several Vizual Business Tools products such as:

    Tensak Limited is the sole partner of Vizual Business Tools in Nigeria and Africa at large. For further enquiries on VBT, you can visit http://www.oneclickhrplc.com or http://www.vizual.co.uk

  • Training

    We also offer various computer training programmes at Tensak. Our training programmes come under the categories of Corporate Training, General Computer Literacy and Programming.

    Our corporate training focuses on the dynamic acquisition and application of computer knowlege/solutions in a typical corporate organization. It aims at proferring Information Technological solutions to real life problems in businesses. The best way this can be achieved is through the people at the fore front of the business portals. This is why Tensak focuses on specialized corporate training for managers and sales executives.

    General computer literacy programmes are aimed at people who lack basic computer knowledge. We provide comprehensive, yet simple and easy-to-follow, computer training programmes. Adequate emphasis is placed on practical training with our state-of-the-art computer rooms.


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