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Comprehensive Database

The employee record in Personnel Manager is divided into 26 screens consisting of 600 fields of data on every employee with unlimited history in each section. These screens can be modified and new ones added using the custom screen designer.

In addition to the main screen Personnel Manager comes with 25 other screens as standard covering every aspect of employee record keeping. You can easily modify the layout and makeup of these screens using the custom screen designer.

Data stored includes:

  • Absence tracking
  • Accident records
  • Career history
  • Company car use
  • Disciplinary & grievance
  • Education records
  • Employment history
  • Exit interview
  • Pay records
  • Personal details
  • Training records
  • Appraisal information
  • Attached documents
  • Bank details
  • Benefits data
  • Correspondence history
  • Emergency contacts
  • Job details
  • Maternity
  • Medical history
  • Photographs
  • Professional memberships
  • Qualifications
  • Skills information
  • Working Time records

In-Built Diary

Use the in-built diary (or use Microsoft Outlook) to monitor key employee dates - these can be triggered automatically from any field in the system - simply typing the date in the relevant field automatically creates a diary reminder for you - ensuring you never miss an employee review date again!. You can specify a number of days reminder in advance of key dates and, in the multi-user version, specify which users should be aware of for follow-on actions.

On-Line Personnel Advisor

The system comes complete with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to employment law that has been specially written for those who are not HR professionals and can be accessed from every part of the system.

Graphic & Text Reporting

Analyse data and spot trends using the comprehensive internal report writing tool. This allows you to view data in text and graphic format. The system comes with over 170 pre-defined graphs and reports which can be modified. Or, you can create unlimited new graphs and reports easily using the report-building wizard. Psersonnel Manager has also been designed to work with Seagate Crystal Reports, one of the most powerful report writing tools on the market.

Powerful Security

With Personnel Manager you can now control access for every user - you decide which fields, screens, databases and which employee records they can access and whether those users can view only or modify information held on the system. The comprehensive audit trail functions allows you to monitor who has been using the system and whether security breaches have occurred and when these took place.

Comprehensive User Help

Personnel Manager has a powerful online help available at every part of the system and the software comes complete with an easy-to-follow user manual providing guidance throughout the system.

There are easy-to-follow wizards throughout the software to guide you through most tasks. Every copy of Personnel Manager comes complete with 30 days free support giving you access to the Vizual support desk so help is never far away.

Integrated Word Processor

Personnel Manager comes with an integral word processor (or use the automatic link to Microsoft Word) to generate employment letters quickly and easily - the system is supplied with over 40 standard employment letter tem- plates which you can modify or, you can create unlimited additional letter templates. Mail merge for individuals or groups of employees and keep an electronic copy in the employees' correspondence history.

Working Time Regulations Ready

Ensure your business conforms to the Working Time Regulations - send 'opt out' letters directly from the word processor, track hours worked for every employee using the timesheet function and ensure the correct opt-out renewals are precisely tracked using the diary.

Easy to Customise

Personnel Manager comes with an optional Screen Designer which allows users to customise existing data screens and create unlimited additional screens from scratch. Now you can have a system that exactly matches your business requirements giving you a fully customised system for a fraction of the price quoted by other personnel software suppliers in the market place.


Import data from spreadsheets, payrolls and other databases to get up and running quickly. Personnel Manager allows you to import data directly into the database in csv and tab delimited format. Export data to the internal spreadsheet (or to Excel) by single button action from the main toolbar or you can build templates for more complex exports to be used whenever required. The powerful new user import/export wizard guides you through the process of building import and export templates enabling you to transfer data to most other applications.

Global Updates & Batch Input

Reduce data entry time and simultaneously update some, or all, employee records using the Global Update facility - enter the data once and the Global Update function updates every employee's record with the same data. The Batch Update function allows you to quickly input different data for each employee. You can save and re-use the Global Update templates and creating new templates could not be easier using the in-built wizards to guide you through each stage of the process.

Unlimited Archive

Once employees leave the organisation transfer their records to the archive. You can retrieve records of past employees at any time and reinstate their data to your main employee database. You can define any number of databases within Personnel Manager and there are integrated tools to allow you to move employee records from one database to another.

Multi-Currency - Euro Ready

Personnel Manager allows users to store employee's salary information in up to three different currencies at any one time including the Euro. The user defines the currency conversion rates that can be updated at any stage.

Multi site operation?

Personnel Manager now comes complete with a Remote Administrator allowing you to share and synchronise data between outlying sites and 'Head' Office. The administrator enables you to extract data from any copy of the software via modem, e-mail or across a network.


  • PC with Pentium processor and CD drive
  • 16MB RAM (32MB Recommended)
  • 60MB available hard disc space
  • Windows 95/98 or NT


Every version of Personnel Manager comes with 30 days free technical support - giving you access to the telephone help desk between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, updates to the current version of the software when released, regular user newsletter and discounts on future products.


Tensak offers full range of services to ensure you get the most from your software. The services cover data transfer, system set up, basic and advanced user training - all courses are customisable to suit your requirements. Training can be delivered on-site at your location or in our training centre.



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