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Recruitment Manager



  • Track applicant details
  • Generate letters instantly
  • Powerful Diary tracking
  • Manage unlimited vacancies
  • Links to Microsoft Office
  • Monitor equal opportunities
  • Applicant/vacancy matching
  • Candidate archive

Comprehensive Database

Keep a detailed record of each applicant. Store applicant data in more than ten data screens (over 110 fields in all) with unlimited history in each category. Data stored includes education, previous employment history, reference details and medical history. There are over 20 modifiable field labels ready for you to customise to suit your requirements.

Keep detailed records of each interview and you can easily check the applicants' current status at a glance, tracking the progress of each potential recruit as they move through your selection process. Build profiles of your vacancy requirements and use these to select candidates for possible shortlist. Using the report writer you can easily identify the sources of the best applicants and how quickly your vacancies are filled. There is no limit on the number of vacancies stored and you can transfer details of previous applicants to current vacancy campaigns.

In-built Word processor

Recruitment Manager comes with its own Word Processor (or use Microsoft Word) so you can generate recruitment letters instantly - use one of the standard templates or create your own. As an applicant moves through each stage of the selection process from initial contact to final appointment Recruitment Man-ager will automatically trigger the creation of the appropriate letter - these can be printed as you go or stored for production at a later time.

Integral diary

Never miss an important recruitment deadline again - ensure all applicants receive their acknowledgment letter on time, every time. The integrated diary (or use Microsoft Outlook) allows you to create automatic reminders from any date field in the software.

Once these reminders have been created simply selecting a date will automatically create a diary entry - you can even preset date reminders in advance and, in the multi-user version ofRecruitment Manager, specify which other users should be reminded to follow up the diary event.

Applicant matching

Use Recruitment Manager to define requirements for each vacancy and to create skills and experience profiles for each candidate. Once these have been specified you can undertake detailed candidate searches based on the criteria you have outlined, identifying the best candidate for the vacancy.

Easy data transfer

Once you have made a successful appointment you can easily transfer the applicant record from Recruitment Manager to Visual's best selling HR solutions - Personnel Manager & Vizual Personnel. You can also use easy-to-follow export utility to transfer applicant data either directly to a spreadsheet or csv format to other software applications.

Easy-to-use software

Recruitment Manager has been designed for those who are not IT experts. The easy-to-follow interface enables you to get up and running quickly and there is a user-friendly manual and comprehensive on-line help if you need further assistance. The software comes with 30 days free access to the Vizual helpdesk, giving you unlimited access by phone, fax or email (and this can be extended for an extra charge).


Recruitment Manager comes in two versions, Single and Multi-user. Both allow you to store unlimited vacancy and applicant details and the Multi-user version allows unlimited users to access the system at any one time.


The Recruitment Manager package includes:

  • Software on CD
  • Registration details
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • 30 days free support


  • PC with Pentium processor and CD drive
  • 16MB RAM (32MB Recommended)
  • 60MB available hard disc space
  • Windows 95/98 or NT


KWIK ID comes with comprehensive technical support which includes unlimited access to the helpdesk. The Tensak customer service team will guide you through any problems you may have and the comprehensive user guides and on-line help ensure solutions are always at your fingertips. Users also receive free program updates, when released.


Tensak offers full range of services to ensure you get the most from your software. The services cover data transfer, system set up, basic and advanced user training - all courses are customisable to suit your requirements. Training can be delivered on-site at your location or in our training centre.



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